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Segment Intro

In this segment of videos I will discuss all the subtleties of navigating one’s life purpose. From starting to charge money for our creations, to making it a true New Earth business, to being re-directed and stepping away when needed, to food, health, abundance, self-love and more.

Do It For You

The energy of inspiration, the energy of your ideas is essentially the energy of your Higher Self, the energy of All That Is. It is being downloaded into your energy field, it passes through you as you integrate it, and your ideas, your projects come out as a bi-product of your growth. So first and foremost, when showing up for your ideas, when sating YES to your inspirations, you are doing it for yourself, for your personal thriving and well-being.

What If I Don’t Move This Energy Through Me

We have been talking about how inspiration and life force energy is moving through us and our energy fields, how the two interact birthing our ideas into the physical. We know it benefits our emotional and physical bodies when we allow that energy of inspiration to flow through us unobstructed. But what if we do not allow that? What if we ignore our ideas, don’t express ourselves, don’t speak up? In this video I explain to you what happens energetically and physically when we do not show up for our ideas and pulls to share.

Don’t Look For Support Outside Of Yourself

When we finally show up for our life’s purpose, it is so easy to rest on support we get from the outside world. A lot of the times we expect others around us to share our vision and to cheer for us, but are astounded to see that even our closest people are not on the same page with us. And then we doubt our dream, and sometimes even abandon it, as we feel we do not have enough support. In this video I want to help you let yourself off the hook of these expectations, teach you to become your own cheerleader, and move forward without the necessity of someone’s support or validation.

How To Pick A Vessel

You have felt the discomfort, you have dived into the depths of your being and found your message, your interests, your passions, your curiosities, but now what? Do you start writing a book? Or blogging? Or take it to social media? Or may be making videos? Or painting? Or creating products and services? In this video I suggest you how to go about picking out the best outlet for you to share yourself with the world. The one that will be fun, that will not feel like a job, the one that will feel easy and effortless.

Ascension Symptoms, Too Tired To Show Up For My Ideas

I have heard this story from so many of you. Heck, I have lived it. As we go through our ascension process we experience so many physical symptoms that can leave us in bed all day, crunched up in pain. We feel like we have been run over by a bus, drained, apathetic. A lot if the times we don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, as it all seems too much, too hard. All at once. Yet we also seem to have these ideas that won’t leave our mind, they keep poking at us, making it even harder to sleep at night. With this video I share with you how showing up for these ideas even for an hour a day can actually bring you more energy, more enthusiasm, ease your ascension symptoms, and help you feel powerful and in the flow in the midst of it all.

Dark Night Of The Soul, Depression

But what if all the ascension symptoms are also accompanied with tremendous emotional pain, with life lessons parading towards us with great speed every day, with remembrances of past traumatic events we worked so hard at forgetting. What if we are also in the midst of the dark night of the soul? How do we show up for our ideas then? When to even do so? In this video I share with you my story of how showing up for my internal nudges helped me through my dark night of the soul, and made my life worth living into through the hardest times. With this video I want to tell you that it IS possible to feel good and thriving while you are in the middle of this excruciating process and encourage you to show up.

Being Re-Directed

So, let’s say, you have been answering the calls of your heart and showing up for your ideas for some time. You got into the groove of your own creation, and all of a sudden you find yourself not enjoying your work anymore. Or nothing that used to work in your project / business works any longer. Did you lose your purpose? Of course not. You are simply being re-dicrected, re-plugged in in a new way. In this video I share with you simple tools of navigating such situations with ease and joy. I explain where your discomfort is coming from and how to trade it for fun and flow instantly by just shifting your focus.

Don’t Be Afraid To Step Away If Needed

Similarly to the previous scenario, and going a little more in depth, when things do not seem to work out whatsoever, when you seem to be banging your head against the wall, it is a really good idea to give your project a breather. I know it might be scary, we might be afraid that we will lose our sense of purpose, our connection to it forever. But what happens instead, is that we find clarity and a new level of inspiration and pull into it when we give it room to breathe. It’s like any other relationship, negative space is healthy and sometimess needed.

What If I Feel Burnt Out

Burnouts happen to all of us. We attach to outcomes too hard, we push too hard, we think too much, we sleep too little and sometimes fail to take care of ourselves. Does that mean the end of our projects? Does that mean that we have killed our life purpose? Not at all. In this video I share with you a simple feel-good way of reconnecting to your inspiration and wiping away burnout.

Serve Yourself First

This is such a huge lesson to get! When I finally discovered it and felt it, it has changed my life, how I see and feel it on an every day basis. The essence of the lesson is that You Are Not Your Purpose ( you are not your job, you are not your projects, you are not your mission). Even though you might feel so very connected to it, even though you might feel like it is the center, the core of your life, the reason you are here, I can now assure you that it is not the case. Even though this energy of inspiration, life force, chi – IS your energy, it’s expression is not all you are. It is just a tiny aspect of you (soul) experiencing itself  through the body you have. I have discovered it (my true core) for myself when I once went on a walk alone out of desperation, and my Higher Self showed me this separation of my True Core Self from all else. And I have recorded it for you in the format of a guided meditation. I call this meditation Become Your Higher Self. Learn To Live From Your Soul’s Perspective. Also to help you understand this concept I have created a diagram, on which you see how the SELF is separate from all other elements: body ( I am not my body) relationships ( I am not my relationships ), mind ( I am not my thoughts), projects ( I am not my job) etc. Through the perspective offered in the guided meditation and drawn up in the diagram we can start feeling our core energy that came here to experience itself in body and brought a “backpack” of knowledge, talents and gifts with itself to “unload” here on Earth. But it also came to experience nature, relationships, physicality, time etc. And this backpack ( being the unfolding of the mission – what soul came here to contribute ) is only one aspect of how our soul wants to play through our physical vessel. By finding the core and enjoying life from that space FIRST, we will show up full of love and spill the overflow: some in our purpose, some in relationships, some in other areas of our life.


Resistance To Learning

How many times did you have an awesome idea, to just immediately trump it with “Ah, I don’t know how to create a site” or ” I don’t know how to do accounting / budgeting / my own legal paperwork? How many times have you wiped away amazing ideas and visions because you thought you did not have the necessary knowledge and/or skills to bring it to life? What if I told you that this internal dialogue that we believe in is just a useless limitation? What if I told you that if you wanted to learn anything under the sun it was possible? The resistance to learning we all have is our subconscious pull to remain comfortable, to remain safe, in the “known”. But we both know that if we want to grow to the levels we see ourselves at, that we feel we came here to live out, we will need to learn new stuff, new technologies, new languages, new information, new skills. And with this video I want to open your mind a little about how easy all the information and tools are actually accessible for us to reach ( if we really want to) and encourage you to resist, to be mad, to throw a fit, but to show up and learn anyway. So that you can successfully live out your life’s purpose, so that you can feel fulfilled ( even if it stretched you some), so that you can look in the mirror and say ” I did ALL I could for this” and feel like you have shown up for your own energy in full integrity.

Learn To Fail

Oh, failure! We can not bare a thought of it, we resist it and avoid it with all our might, but we also can not live without it. We do research, we learn, we train, we run from it like our life depends on it ( and literally our brain thinks it does ). But we know that real growth, BIG growth, growth that can bring us to the life of our dreams can not happen without failing. In this video I give you a new framework for failure: how we see it and consequently how we respond to it. With the new framework you will be able to look at it from a place of freedom, enjoying yourself in the process. I also talk about what happens after we fail. How we feel ( and why ) and most importantly how to get back up after a failure.

When Nothing Is Happening

From time to time we all hit these lull periods when literally nothing is happening. We feel suspended in a bubble, we do not really feel any inspiration, and even if we do and we act on them, we see nothing moving out in the matrix ( in the physical). And a lot of the times our minds will go into overdrive during these periods to try and figure out the formula to get back into forward movement. Or worse, our minds are freaking out non-stop: “where will I get the money?” “what will I do? “may be this is not what I am meant to do? “what if the forward movement never comes again?” and so on. In this video I give you awesome strategies on how to deal with these periods of time, how to handle them without going into overthinking, how to enjoy them and level up in your mastery along the way.

Align With Charging Money For What You Do

Money is such a big and important topic. As money is an important tool in our lives. It can help us grow, it can help us help other people, it can help us live life to the fullest expression. So how come do we believe that we can not be paid for something we enjoy doing or naturally do very well? How come do we feel so weird when it comes to asking for reward in exchange for the energy you put in ? In this video I give you the key to aligning yourself with charging money for what you do. I help it be easy and effortless, coming from your soul, from your heart.

When To Start Charging

When we start stepping into our life purpose or when we move into it further and further, creating new projects, new platforms, we can not help but wonder when will this new something become a business. When are we supposed to start asking for money in exchange for our services? I believe that we need to let the energy of the project guide the way in showing us when we are ready ti charge. And here several things might happen: you will start feeling the amazing value you are giving to your customers and that will give you an intuitive nudge to start charging. Or. You will start getting remarks like ” I can not believe this is free” or ” I can not believe you are still not charging f0r this”. Or. You may wake up one day and feel a lot of discomfort, thinking “I should be paid for this” and feel almost a sense pf resentment that your customers are not paying you yet. These are all sure signs that it is time to start charging.

How Much To Charge

How much to charge depends on the feeling of that value we keep talking about. How much do you believe you are giving? Do you feel like what you have to offer is a life-changing amazing product / service / information? Or do you feel like it is a tiny add-on to people’s lives? The energetically aligned price will always be determined by how much you believe you are giving. Always. Not the perceived value of your customer. But how much you believe your work is worth. In this video I explain in-depth how it works energetically, and tell you my wild story of how I started charging double the “market price” when just starting out and what results it had.

Transcend Competition

How many of us grew up being taught that we have to be better than everyone else to make it. Or that we have to do what our competition does but better in order to succeed in business. I know I did. And it was fun for a while. But as I am witnessing us moving into heart-based living, as we are opining our heart-based businesses the concept of competition starts naturally falling away as we adopt new ways of thinking. We now realize that we are all unique energies living out our unique missions here on Earth, playing with our own energetic “goodies” we brought from home. And even if we run identical businesses they will feel completely different, because we are the different energies engaging with the same concepts. That is how we transcend lack too.

How Self-Love And Your Purpose Are Connected

These two concepts are so very connected. They almost ARE each other as they come from the same energy and the same alignment. Learning to love yourself will inevitably lead you into your life’s purpose and lead you through it all your life with minimal discomfort and confusions. Our self-direction lies in self-love. So when it comes to our purpose there are two things I want to highlight. The first one is learning the art of self-love in tiny decisions. It is learning to move throughout the day by what feels good in the moment, doing things that you really want to do ( instead of things that you feel like you have to do). And the second one is learning to showing up for your core self and enrich yourself with something outside of your purpose. Learning to feel good without outside of our mission. Getting to know ourselves and nurturing ourselves on a deeper level.

Abundance And Blocks To Receiving

In this video I talk about how our blocks to receiving reward for what we do can prevent and block our further self-expression. Thin about it: if we have a block to receiving because of the fear of the unknown ( I am afraid to become a millionaire because I don’t know what it’s lie to be one and have that much money ) we will subconsciously sabotage all our work to stay small, to stay safe in the known, so that we never have to cross that line of making a million or more ( unknown ). But what if your soul wants to build schools in Africa? What if you are being called to start your own TV network? In order for you to live out these pulls of your heart you will need to have way more than one million. So if you do not remove the blocks to receiving, in this case you will never feel fulfilled, as you will not have fully shown up for your unfolding because of the fear of becoming a millionaire ( fear of the unknown ).

Health And Life’s Purpose

In this video I talk about a concept we often forget. That our physical body is our primary vehicle for living out our life’s purpose. And that condition in which we keep our body ( our physical health ) directly determines how much will we be able to do. How will we travel all around the world giving speeches and opening schools if we are overweight and can barely walk? How can we withstand successful book launches, open stores, create products if we do not feel good, if we feel fatigued, if our body hurts? With this video I invite you to take care of your body as if your soul fulfillment depends on it, because it does.

Food And Life’s Purpose

Do you notice how different food makes you feel different? Some food makes you feel light, energized, like a million bucks. While other food can make you feel heavy, drowsy, jittery, foggy-minded. Making a note of your patters and relationship with food can be a great asset in you living out your life’s purpose. As you can fulfill yourself less when you feel heavy, sleepy and can not think clearly than if you would feel light and full of energy. With this video I want to encourage  you to become mindful of how different foods make you feel, and put into your body that which can assist you in fulfilling your soul, rather than prevent you from doing so and living the life of your dreams.

How To Create A New Earth Business From Your Passion

The old paradigm of business was built on making profit from our talents, skills and knowledge. It sounded something like “I know well how to built a house. I can make a lot of money building houses for people or teaching others how to build a house”. In this case the decision to open a business came from the idea that profit can be made. The New Earth business sounds something like ” I really want to build houses for people because I LOVE building houses. If nobody paid me to build houses I’d still be doing it, because I LOVE doing it”. Notice the difference? While the old 3D business model was all about money, our New Earth business is all about fulfillment of one’s energy. Materializing of one’s love. And the way this love becomes a business is also very different. 3D business model dictated: in order to open a business you need a logo, a good selling slogan, business cards, a website, promo materials etc. And a business owner would put all of that in place before the business was anywhere public. Naturally, we try doing so with these new passions of ours, but notice that it does not work at all. We feel like we are trying to cram a square in a round hole. It is because the New Earth business – the heart based business is all different. It is all about energy unfolding and losing the rigidity of the structure. It is all about fluidity and organic motion, not predefined “proven” steps. In this video I explain how the energy of our New Earth business unfolds through us and how the business opens itself as we follow. Fascinating stuff!

Energy vs Strategy

Because we used to live in a mental world, when it came to business we relied on a carefully crafted strategy – a proven formula for success. Now as we are moving away from living in our minds and as we drop down to the heart, we are starting to be led by energy. By the organic flow. In this video I discuss how to achieve the balance between mind and heart in your business. How to let energy and strategy organically dance with each other without constricting and limiting the energy that wants to express itself through you and your projects.

Expansion And Learning

As we grow and evolve, so does our purpose, so do our projects. But as our purpose grows, so we have to as well. In this video I talk about the inevitable expansion that our purpose demands of us. If we are to fully unfold in our purpose coming through us, we will have to grow into these versions of ourselves who can more, know more, do more. This is how we follow our heart and expand. We have an idea, a message to share. We need to learn how to share it. So we go online and learn how to make as website so that we can share our idea. People love our idea, they ask us to teach them how we got to that idea. They even offer to pay us. Now that we are monetizing our passion we need to learn how to make it a business. We learn business laws, we learn how to process transactions, we learn business taxes. Later our business becomes so popular, w feel like we are always needed by someone. Here we learn to create healthy boundaries with our customers and possibly how to hire people. You see where I am going with this? From the very beginning of learning to create a website to learning how to run a billion dollar corporation we are constantly learning new things. We are following our purpose, and it shows us where we need to expand and grow in every new step. With this video I want to encourage you to show up for your learning and expansion and let go of the idea that it has to be comfortable. As the more we get used to feeling the discomfort and learning from it, the more of ourselves we are  able to embody.

How To Stay Inspired And Motivated

Your vibration, how you feel is your choice and your responsibility. And in this video I give you two tools of how you can get a grip of your state of being to fuel your inspiration and motivation levels. The first one is the Soul Perspective. It is something you can learn by doing this meditation. And the second one I call Vibration Sourcing. What it means is consciously seeking out people, music, articles, books, quotes … anything that gives you the feeling you are after. Find it and immerse yourself in it. A lot of the times I will find multiple multiple things to create my vibrational cocktail. I will get some from a certain person ( let’ say I follow them on Instagram ), and then some from a song, and then some from a fellow youtuber by watching one of their videos that day. And all of this is a very conscious process for me: a process of creating my state of being. This is what I want to encourage you guys to do as well.

The Grand Shift

Here we come to the most exciting and liberating point. In this next video I will walk you through a visualization that has produced such a massive shift in my awareness and perception of life and my life’s purpose, that it affects every area of my life to this day. It has changed my interaction with life, the way I view my projects and passions, how much fun I have in my life, and generally the quality of my life.

This meditation came in as a channeling before one of the #PurposeCalls live calls, and as a little preview for me the day before. It shines the light of awareness on how our life’s purpose and joy are connected. This is a perfect way to end the main course of our journey before proceeding to the marketing dessert. So here I wish you the most profound of shifts, and here’s to many more to come!

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