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2017 – Year Of Expansion Through Purpose

If 2016 was a year of expansion through inner exploration and shadow work, 2017 is all about finding one’s purpose, living it, and expanding ourselves as we grow in our purpose. We are all being pushed to find what we really like doing, what we are passionate about, we are being pushed to express our true opinions, our true selves. We are all being called to step out and share ourselves with the world without filters, without editing ourselves to make others comfortable. We are being called to be ourselves. And a lot of the times, we simply can not go on any longer as we used to. We can not force ourselves to pretend that all is well, when we live our lives feeling empty, feeling unfulfilled. And that is why we are here today, meeting in this fun magical space. And I hope with my videos to come I can help you resolve that inner battle, achieve clarity, and find the way not to just live without depression, but to THRIVE, to SOAR. Energies of 2017 are here to do just that: to push us to our limits, to help propel us forward, to open up new pockets of understanding, to help us expand through our purpose.

Segment Intro

In this segment of videos I will be talking about the feeling of discomfort we all experience when we feel like our lives are useless, when we feel like we are dying. I will also give you a ton of practical tools that you can start implementing today that can help you find your purpose, find the feeling of fulfillment, find your anchor into your joy and the life you came here to live. I will also encourage you to act on all your newly-found knowledge, and give you the tools to do so.

Why Do We Feel The Discomfort

So why do we feel like we are dead? Why do we feel like our life has no meaning? That we are empty inside? I know these feelings can dim the light of your whole life a lot, not allowing you to enjoy all else good that is present. Here is how I see it. Our emotions are our internal navigation system, and when the feeling of discomfort comes, it does so to let us know that we are done at the stage we were in. And it is now time to move on. It comes to show you that whatever we are doing is no longer in alignment with our true being. And then the discomfort grows in intensity for you to take notice and act on it. Some people act immediately, some people resist longer, or never take the plunge. But I believe the process of Ascension we are all undergoing is aimed specifically at illuminating all if these inner resistances and propelling everyone forward towards self-love as a default setting. And where do we go when we know that the current way of life is no longer sustainable? We use our internal navigation system – emotions. We follow what feels good, we follow our curiosity, passion, interest, joy. But more about it in later videos.

Exercise: Identify how you feel and get a sense of clear direction

In this worksheet I encourage you to sit with your feelings of discomfort no matter how uncomfortable they might seem without any judgement. Identifying them and writing it all down can help you clear your head of any thought patterns that might have been attached to those feelings. Leaving you feeling lighter, having dropped all that weight from your chest. Feeling relaxed, as you are not fighting your feelings anymore. In this exercise you will also answer a couple of questions that will help you get a clear sense of direction, born in joy and curiosity.


Starseeds / Lightworkers Feeling Useless

This is such a common phenomenon!  We, the starseeds, are born very connected to our true selves. And since very early childhood we have a feeling that we came here to do something very important. We feel  like we are on a super-hero mission, but we just don’t know what it is. And this inability to figure out why we are here can be driving us crazy, especially the more mental we become, the more brainwashed. We start comparing ourselves to others, we try fit in society’s boxes only to see that there are no boxes for us. We are our own box that no one seems to get. And the reason we feel such acute discomfort about not knowing and not living our purpose now, is because it is now time to remember. Now is the time, and that is why we are here.

Have I Missed The Train? + Releasing Self-Judgement

So many of you come to me in private session asking me: Have I done something wrong? Have I missed the train? Have I missed my opportunity to do what I love and have a meaningful life? And whether you are 18 or 68, my answer to you is always NO. You have not done anything wrong. In fact, you have done it all perfectly right, as until now our job was collecting experiences. And now is when it is time to remember, time to embody our true selves and live a life of joy and creation. We wrote this plan ourselves. In this video I invite you to trust your own divine timing and give you tools for releasing self-judgement when it comes to not living a fulfilled life … yet!

Exercise: Release self-judgment with writing it all out and using Inner Child Dialogue Technique

In this worksheet I invite you to pour it all out, if there is an left. All your feelings of anger, guilt, shame, you name it. Here is a perfect space for you to do it once and for all, and never come back to feeling like this about yourself again. In this exercise I also encourage you to develop an internal dialogue with your inner child, that will help you feel forgiven, loved, whole.


Eat More Alive Food

This simple tip seemingly has nothing to do with finding one’s life purpose, but energetically it makes all the difference. You see, the energy of the Universe is all the same energy. The life force energy is the same as the energy of inspiration is the same as energy of your Higher Self is the same as energy you get from food. So the more energy you get from food, the more energy of inspiration and creation will be downloaded in your individuated energy field. And to get maximum energy from the food we consume, it is best to eat foods with the highest quotient of energy – alive food, raw food. Fresh fruit and vegetables.

Exercise: What alive food do I like?

In this little worksheet I encourage you to identify and write down your favorite options for fruit and vegetables. After writing them all down in physical agreement with your body, you will be that much more likely to pick them up while grocery shopping next time.


Start Doing Anything Creative

By doing anything creative, even if it seemingly has nothing to do with your life’s purpose, you open up one more channel for receiving that life force energy. Thus multiplying your instances of receiving inspiration, ideas, intuitive hits. While also feeling amazing in the process. And this creative process can be anything: for some people it will be crocheting, for some – building car engines. And I encourage you to pick yours. What makes you lose yourself in the process?

Resource: Creative Activities

I know it is hard to go from feeling depressed and dead to doing creative stuff. It might be difficult to even think of any activities that will get your creative juices flowing. That is why I did that for you. Here is a list of A TON of simple creative activities you can start enjoying right now:


Another wonderful resource for finding creative activities is Pinterest. It is a bottomless well of articles, pictures, video ideas. You can create inspiration boards, categorize your project ideas, and begin with whatever looks the most appealing.


Follow What Feels Good Throughout The Day

This one is also simple, but a little bit trickier to accomplish. Because we have been so ingrained in society and all its rules, we have developed a default to operate from “shoulds”, “musts” and “have tos”. Not only that, our fears, attachments and shadow aspects also come into play, telling us a story of why we should NOT do the thing we want to do in the moment. I know you have a long list of excuses too. But what I am calling you to do, is slow down in your life and start making conscious choices to live from the heart and to follow what feels good. Even if it has noting to do with your life purpose. Do you want to drink a tea or a soda? Do you want to do garden work or take a bath? Read a book or a magazine? By attuning yourself to your own desired through following your feel-good choices of any given moment, you actually train yourself to live from the point of authenticity, from the point of self-love, from the point of your truth. And that will inevitably lead you to your purpose. It will always feel good and expansive, and you might be surprised how fast you can find your calling by applying this method. You will find your calling by attuning yourself to listen to the call. The trickiest part of this task is to follow through with your internal nudges. You can become really good at identifying what feels good to you in any given moment, but you might not act on it because of the fear of what will happen of you do. Will people stop loving you ? Will they abandon you ? With this video I encourage you to risk it all. To move into your fears and see the magic that will unfold before you as a result of these conscious choices.

Exercise: Remind Yourself To Check In

This is not so much an exercise, but an action I want to suggest to you. Because we have been wired to live our lives by the rules and demands of the game, we often do not even remember to check in with ourselves about how we are feeling during our current activity or what we would rather be doing. I want to encourage you to set a reminder for yourself on your phone for every, let’s say, hour (if you can swing it, you can set a more frequent reminder ) to remind you to ask yourself: Am I enjoying my life? How do I feel ? What sounds pleasant / fun in this moment? By reminding yourself to check in with your internal alignment you will be way more likely to act on the pulls of your heart.

Remember Your Childhood Hobbies & Interests

They will ALWAYS put you on your path towards your greatest fulfillment. As children we are very connected to our truth, to our true desires, to our joy. We default to following our bliss in every moment. With time we are being trained away from this truth of ours, we are being taught to place filters on our self-expression, to adopt rigid ways of thinking, to discard our dreams and to trade them for “responsible choices”. Naturally, when one day we wake up and have no clue what we want to do, it might be very hard to re-connect to ourselves, to identify what can light our fire again. The thing is, the fire never died, we just forgot our road to it. So remembering your passions, activities, hobbies, interests as a child and engaging with them will put you right back in alignment, will re-introduce yourself to yourself and help you find the purpose, the meaning, the joy of your life.

Exercise: Back In The Day I…

In this worksheet I encourage you to spend 30 minutes to an hour thinking about your childhood and remembering your passions, hobbies, activities, dreams. You can even use some childhood pictures to help you dive in your past. Not only that, I want you to write down all you can remember, and keep this worksheet open for updates and add-ons in case you will remember more in the next couple of days. This way, you will not have an excuse to stay idle anymore. In the worst of the situations, you will always have this list of activities that can connect you to your core, your power, your purpose.


Inner Child Visualization

Remember how powerful and limitless you felt as a child? Your dreams for the future felt so real and tangible! There was not a doubt in your mind that you could achieve that which you set out to do. Until you learned that doubt from adults in your life. With this visualization I help you tap into that feeling once again and trigger the remembrance of what you came here to do. Or a small part of it. This powerful visualization can give you an instant key into your life purpose, into living a meaningful and joyful life. I suggest having pen and the worksheet available by your side before doing the visualization. That way you can immediately write down any intuitive hits or remembrances that you get without over-analyzing and dismissing them. A phone with a note app open will do as well. As long as you get your ideas out of your head quickly. And, trust me, when you look bakc at what you have typed or written, it will feel like you are reading the message from your Soul, from your Higher Self.

Exercise: Get It Out Of Your Head

I believe in the immense power of writing. Especially when it comes to insight that comes to us through our heart. When that happens, we feel strong physical sensations ( for instance, goosebumps ), we have strong feeling, we see things in our min’s eye. And what normally happens, is we judge and dismiss that information. In our case, we can not afford to dismiss what we are about to receive through this visualization. This is a trick that has helped me learn to channel, and is still helping me in my intuitive sessions with clients. In this exercise I want you write down any feelings, impressions, images that you get AS you are getting them. Immediately. That way you will not have time to judge and dismiss what is coming, and will get the most out of this visualization.


Go To The Bookstore

A bookstore is a very simple but powerful place. In it you are exposed to a myriad of interests, hobbies, lives, passions, activities. And all you have to do is browse the isles and look at stuff, waiting for something to peak your interest. After you notice your curiosity awakened, I call you to pick up that book / magazine and allow yourself to explore it. No matter how weird or random the subject matter might be. This can be a great beginning of following the string of breadcrumbs into your life’s purpose.

What Do You Have To Share Now?

At any given moment you have something inside of you ready to be expressed. It does not have to be anything big, it does not have to be the next best product, or a website or a book. But what I am talking about, are thoughts of yours that are charged with emotion: negative or positive. Thoughts that make your inner fire rise up to the surface in assertion of your own truth. In this video I give you different ways of identifying the message within you that you are ready to share. It might trigger a big passion, or might remain a status update or a single blog post, but this exercise will help you start the wheel of self-expression to make more room for more and more inspiration and ideas to come in.

Exercise: Make A List

How simple does that sound, right? But we often overlook and skip this simple but powerful step. In this exercise I want you to write down all the ideas, thoughts, concepts that have your internal fire rising. For those of you who have no idea what their message might be at this point, it will be very encouraging watching the list grow very fast. And for those of you who feel like you have too many ideas, that you do not even know where and how to begin, I want you to start writing them all down randomly. One will trigger another, and then another, and so on. Until they are all out on paper in front of you. Not only that, I want you to create a note on your phone as well, so that when you do not have access to the list, you can take it down on your phone. And later transfer to the list. Even if you do not have anything to put in that note at this point, I still want you to create it. May be put in a header “Things I Feel Strongly About”, and close it. This simple but powerful step will send a signal to your brain to filter out all such thoughts and bring them to your awareness. And you will fill up both the note and the list n no time.


Microphone To Humanity

This exercise is so old but so effective. What if you were given a microphone and for 5 minutes you could say to all humanity something that is very important to you. What would you want the world to hear? Imagine that nobody would know who you are if needed, that all would go to normal after you speak your peace. But what would you say? What do you so want the world to hear?

If No One Was Watching, If No One Cared

This is also an amazing visualization. It frees you from pressure and fear of feedback or reactions and gets you right in the seat of your natural curiosity, your playful child within. So what would you do if you knew, if you had a guarantee from the Universe that nobody will give you any negative feedback or if nobody will be paying attention to you ? How would you choose to have fun?

Imagine Feeling Inspired

This technique is amazing and very powerful. Do you remember how it felt to be inspired? To have a new idea? A new breakthrough? If you can remember it, you can have it again. Just by remembering and putting yourself in the same feeling space. This way you will basically reverse-engineer your inspiration. Normally it would be inspiration –> feeling. And in this case you can feel the feeling first, and, by Law Of Attraction, Universe will give you more and more things that support that feeling. So it will bring you more inspiration, more clarity, more ideas. And all you have to do, is put yourself in that feeling first by remembering how it felt once before.

Give Yourself Space From Life

You know how ideas come to you when you are driving or doing the dishes? Have you ever wondered why? I believe that it is because in these moments we give ourselves little mini-vacations from our lives. From constant worries, from have-tos, musts, schedules, to-do lists. With this video I invite you to create more moments like this in your daily life so that you create space in your mind to be guided. So that you slow down, relax into the moment ( however you do so – by having a bike ride, or a bath, or just plain staring at the ceiling for 5 minutes ) and create space in your mind to receive. Because you know, it is really hard for us to get any ideas, any inspiration through the chatter that is constantly going on “upstairs”. So by calming the chatter, making room, we invite guidance in.


This is one of my favorite videos because I soooo believe in the impact of the subject matter. Going right along with the topic of the last video, slowing down, and giving you a vacation from your own life, meditation is a great (but not only ) tool to do it. In this video I share with you my story of how I started meditating, hated it, but how it changed my life in about 7 days. Yes, I totally stuck with it and meditate until this day 🙂 I also give you my tips on how to start, how to find a way that YOU enjoy it, and bust some myths that are so common around the topic of meditation.

Imagine Your Perfect Life

This simple visualization can help you identify what you want to be doing in life. Or at least get you close: identify how you want it to feel, may be area of work. With this video I call you to visualize your perfect life or perfect day – now or 5 years from now. Does not matter how your mind frames it. The objective is to identify how you want to feel and put in it concrete visuals. By going this wild with your dreams about your life you don’t filter possibilities and go straight for what you really want. So in the midst of imagining it all will also be your mission, your projects, your legacy you want to leave in this world, what you want to be doing.

Exercise: Paint The Picture

It is soooo very important to write this vision down. In the tiniest of details, being as concrete as possible. Starting from how you feel in your dream ( is it adventurous, is it fee, or relaxed, happy or exhilarated, or all of the above ) to the color of stone path in your future garden. Every detail matters. By writing it down you do not only make the energy of your vision physical, tangible, but this also gives you an opportunity to read read it every day, tweak it if necessary. In this worksheet I give you a set of prompts to jump start your day dreaming process, and then plenty space to go haywire. Add blank sheets if necessary ( it will be! )


Your Biggest Trauma

Our life’s purpose, our mission, or a part of it often ( may be always? ) stems from our biggest trauma. Something that we have experienced that hurt us in a very deep way that we want to change, make better, create alternative solutions to end suffering of other people. It might be coaching young victims of abuse, to speaking out about your experiences and sharing your story to let others know they are not alone, to creating products and services that are aimed at solving a problem you have encountered, to changing systems (education in my case). What is your biggest trauma, and what do you wish you could do as a result of it?

Exercise: Dive Into Your Pain

In this exercise I invite you to examine your internal landscapes for scars or open wounds. I want you to dive deep into your feelings and write down exactly how you feel, whether you believe you ave healed your biggest trauma to date or not. And then I want you to see if you wanted to create something, speak out, see others create as a result of this pain you have lived. As always, I will give you a set of prompts to start off your sentences, but feel free to spill it all out as your heart is leading you.


Stop Trying To Figure It Out. Feel For It

Because we have been a mental logical species for so long, it is normal, that when we try to find a solution to a problem or a dilemma, we go to logic. We objectively weigh our options, we provide proof for all sides, and rule in favor of the side that has more proof, more positives, more tangible data. Why? Because our mind dictates: proven, solid, tangible is predictable, and therefore safe. But we also know, that when we are trying to live from the heart, we can expect nothing safe 🙂 Our soul wants to soar and expand through us, and that is the opposite of known and predictable. When looking for your purpose, I invite you to drop to your feelings instead of trying to rule it out logically. Instead of thinking: “I am good at ___, it could help a lot of people, it might be it!” I invite you to feel for your excitement, curiosity, passion. What would you do even if no one paid you for it, just because you liked doing it? What sounds good? What sounds interesting? Intriguing?


With this video I invite you to use creative affirmations. With affirmations you can put yourself in the state of receiving, trust, flow and ease about your life path. I mention one of my favorite affirmations by Abraham-Hicks “Everything is always working out for me”. When I say thing affirmation, I feel like every time I have a desire, thousands of little universe workers go to make it happen for me. And all I have to do is notice their work and receive their gifts for me. Such a magical affirmation!

Resource: Affirmations For Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Here is a list of affirmations I have written for you to try. And although these are immensely powerful and can shift your vibration to inspiration, empowerment and clarity, I still invite you to write your own. The ones that affect YOUR heart. We all have specific language that strikes us harder in the heart, and it is very personal for each of us. So I invite you to examine what words, phrases, expressions do that for you, and use that language to built your affirmations on.


Comfort And Transformation

With this video I want to make a very important point that I hope hope hope you get ingrained in your being. Just knowing something doesn’t make it happen. Awareness without action is nothing. Just knowing all of these tools does not actually bring you the knowledge  and feeling of your purpose. Just feeling your potential does not actualize it and make it a solid thing. It is up to you to take action on all the information you receive here through this course or anywhere else. Action is what is going to give you results you want. Action will bring you clarity, progress, knowing. I also want to warn you that the path of transformation is nothing comfortable, so if we could all drop that expectation right from the start, it could save us a lot of resistance and heartache. In order for us to embody our true selves, in order for us to actualize our energy we will be required to grow and bec0me those people who are capable of doing so, learning a lot in the process. So here is to letting to of needing comfort and to inspiring transformations into our bright juicy future.

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