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Segment Intro

This segment os full of videos and exercises to help you get your products / ideas / services out there in a fun easy manner without spending a ton of money. And if you are willing to put in the work, without spending any. If you are just starting out, or you find yourself well in your purpose flow, you will find a ton of useful insight and ideas you can implement in your creative endeavor or new earth business.

It Is All About Sharing

Getting yourself and your products out there has everything to do with connecting to the big WHY behind it. Why did you start doing what you are doing ? Why do you want to share what you have ? Is it because you have struggled yourself and now found the solution to the problem ? Is it because you empathize with people currently in the situation you were in, and want to share your knowledge / experience, or simply let them know they are not alone in this struggle? Whatever your why, connecting to this internal fire that moves the whole process, is your key in effective sharing from the heart and connecting to the soul of your customers.

Content Creation

“Content Creation is the contribution of information to any media and most especially to digital media for an end-user/audience in specific contexts. Content is “something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing or any of various arts” for self-expression, distribution, marketing and/or publication. Typical forms of content creation include maintaining and updating web sites, blogging, photography, videography, online commentary, the maintenance of social media accounts, and editing and distribution of digital media. A Pew survey described content creation as the creation of “the material people contribute to the online world.”  – Wikipedia

Content creation is the foundation of your soul connection to your customer. Content creation is you sharing your message before you sell a product. It can take on may forms: you can write blogs, make e-books, online courses, create videos, you can make meaningful social media updates and create social media content, you can write poetry, you can draw, you can paint and share. All depending on your personal preferences.

Exercise: Blueprint For Creation

In this exercise I encourage you to think of ways you could show your heart to the world and share your message. First, we will identify your core message underlying all your work, and then will pick media that excites you, that feels natural and expansive.


Target Audience

The reason I wanted to discuss this subject, is because the way we go about our target audience now is completely different from how we did it in the past. In the old paradigm of result ( money )-driven business we used to study our customer from all angles and created for him / her to be influenced enough to buy. It was all about emotional manipulation for the sake of profit. Our New Earth business is different. We engage in it for the sake of sharing our love, and we would still continue doing so even if we did not get paid for it, just because it feels good. With such a change, the idea of target audience and connection to your audience changes completely. In this video I share with you how I first connected to my audience and how I keep doing so, offering you a practical tool you can apply yourself. Connecting to your target audience through your own heart has never been easier, and this video tells you exactly how to do it.

Exercise: Who Is It?

In this exercise I help you connect to your audience with a string of simple question to guide your visualization. You will deeply feel the person in desperate need of your product / service, you will touch their heart, you will get to know them. They will feel so real to you, you could give them a name and consider them your imaginary friend.


How To Pick A Vessel

When it comes to different means of sharing our truth, the key is movement and action. We can not be guided unless we try stuff, unless we actually engage with different ways of sharing. As our guidance system is our internal emotional response. With this video and exercise below I want to encourage you to start moving and trying. I give you some ideas to try in a fun playful way, setting you on your way to discovering your perfect way to share yourself with the world and get yourself out there.

Exercise: Try-On

This is not going to be a worksheet, but rather a playsheet. In this exercise I encourage you to engage with various means of sharing your message and record your own emotional feedback. Not only will this be a journey of self-discovery, but also a fun adventure to add to your life.


Marketing Vision

When I talk about a marketing vision, I talk about how far do you want to take your core message? Do you want to write a blog about it and move on to something next? (Nothing wrong with this scenario, by the way). Or do you wish to create products? Communities? Foundations? Change societal structures? How far do you see your message expand? In this video I call you to daydream a little, and fish for that vision within yourself. Not only will it help bring about your next inspired steps, but it will re-connect you with your internal passion, internal fire to express your love.

Exercise: Paint The Picture

In this exercise I invite you to write down your marketing vision for your business. Do not edit yourself, but go wild with what you see in your mind’s eye.


Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan is “The written document that describes your advertising and marketing efforts for the coming year; it includes a statement of the marketing situation, a discussion of target markets and company positioning and a description of the marketing mix you intend to use to reach your marketing goals.”- Marketing goals are realistic measurable goals for your business and outreach: increase number of followers by 20%, increase sales by 10%, increase the number of newsletter subscribers to 80,000 etc. In this video I underline the importance of knowledge of marketing principles and strategies and having a plan, yet I also stress the importance of the plan to be malleable and loose, ready to adapt to energy fluctuations and your growth and re-direction.

Exercise: Get Down To Business

In this exercise we will jot down a vague marketing plan: define the current situation, set measurable goals, and define steps we want to take to take us to our goals.


Website And Social Media Presence

We live in times when a lot of life is happening online. Heck, even now you are online watching this course. When we are looking for a bakery, we look online. When we are looking for community centers and classes, we look online. When we are looking for an energy healer or a psychic, we, again, look online. The world of the yellow pages is over ( unless they are about to come out with something better than Google, which is unlikely ), and in order for your people to find you, you have to have a website and at least one social account. Because that is where they will be looking.

How To Create A Website

Here we will get straight to business. To create a website you only need 3 things:

  1. Domain ( your web address )
  2. Hosting ( a separate host entity that will keep all your images and data and stream to your site visitors)
  3. Designed site filled with your content

If you have a budget for this, you can hire a designer to design your site, and a developer to code it  (make visual images functional) and connect it to your domain. The developer would also set you up with a hosting account.

This video, however, is aimed at people who have no budget and no idea about how websites work, and have never created one themselves. In the video I explain in detail how to start a site, where to get a domain, where to get hosting, what content management systems are awesome for designing online yourself and why, and how to design your site with minimal effort on your part. May be some learning. I also mention in the video that I have included a ton of useful resources in the RESOURCES tab, as well as step by step walkthrough tutorial links in the PUBLIC LIBRARY.

Note: Before jumping to design your site, watch the energy-conscious branding videos. 

Energy-Conscious Branding

Branding is the collection of items representing you and your company in the outside world. It encompasses your visual identity ( all visuals combined), your name, your message, how you deliver this message (your style of communication- written and oral, if applicable). All that comes in contact with your consumer is collectively your brand. Do you see why it is so important ?

Oh, branding, especially of the energy-consciousness kind, is one of my favorite things in the world, and I can talk about it for hours. What I have here for you, is a condensed version ( but a very information-dense one) of all my knowledge and passion about it.

When we look at branding in energy terms, we are talking about the FEELING. The feeling that you are, that you want to convey. The signature vibe that is your experience of the energy coming through you, translated in images and type, and copy, and negative space, and layout and much more. Here I decided to include a video I filmed a long time ago for my Indigo Diaries channel, because I really like it. I go very very in depth on every element, and I LOVE the way I explain to you how exactly to take a feelings and infuse your all brand with it, so that your consumer will feel you and your soul the second they land on your site or grab one of your promo pieces.

Pardon me all weird in front of the camera here, but this is also something useful – you can see my personal progress in less than a year of being able to express myself in the way my soul calls me to.

How To Promote Yourself With No Money

This simple tip I am about to tell you I have been using without a second thought ever since I started writing for It cam every naturally to me, and has helped me build a strong community of followers of my work. What I am talking about is Facebook groups. There is a group for every ting out there, and if you can not find one suitable for you, create one. Someone must be looking for it just like you. By looking for groups of like-minded people online and sharing with them, you will naturally share with people who WANT to hear your message, will find friends and followers all without spending a dime.

Mastering SEO

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is “the simple activity of ensuring a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering.” – It is a POWERFUL tool of online game, that costs no money to learn. In this video I explain SEO in simple language and give you one technique that I have used that has landed to the first page of Google. For more useful links and resources about SEO and specific techniques you can implement, visit the RESOURCES tab and PUBLIC LIBRARY.

Sincere Sharing And Bringing Value

I believe that the best marketing strategy you could ever take up would be sincere sharing and bringing value to people. Sharing that comes from the heart is always noticed. It is felt by the hearts of others. And when the true connection is made, when real impact is made, people spare no effort to let others know about their amazing experience. So my advice to you would be to spare no love and openness, and share freely form the heart. As raw and awkward as it can come out, as scared as you might be to open up. But share anyway, give your breakthroughs away, multiply that happiness you feel by giving it away. This strategy will connect you to your soul tribe, surround you with open hearted people, and will be providing you free advertising for a long time to come.

Also, here are some links on the law of exchange:

  1. Universal Law #2: ‘Give to Receive’

  2. Balancing Value: The Law of Equivalent Exchange

Social Media Game

Social media is very important. It is one brilliant way to connect to your audience all over the world within seconds. It is also the way your audience gets to know you – the real you. the most authentic version of you. I know that looking at all the social media options can be quite overwhelming, and with this video I want to encourage you to choose one social media outlet to begin with, and later adopt more and more as you grow ( if your soul will lead you there). Instead of forcing yourself to engage in all social platforms and spreading your energy all around without any real result, engaging with only one platform will allow you to genuinely have fun with it, and to give it your all. Thus connecting to your audience from the most authentic place.

Constant Change

I know firsthand that creating anything in the conditions of constant change can be challenging. heck, I could not create a proper wardrobe for about a year because of this said change. I would wake up one morning and vibe with something one, and the next morning I would hate it with passion. This can very much happen to you and your creations, especially if you are going through the dark night of the soul, or this deep inner cleansing period. What I intend to do with this video, is to encourage you to create and share anyway. Not only is it amazing for people to watch you grow alongside them, but it also gives you an outlet to express you in your “now”. So focus on the now and the way you are now and what you want to share now, and do not look back.

Too Many Ideas

This is a very common challenge, that can be solved with much ease and fun. I call this idea wall. The point of the idea wall is to allow your ideas to live on your wall in a beautiful organized manner, rather than in your head, creating a cloud of mental noise and the illusion of “impossibility”. Execution of these ideas only seems impossible in the moment because all the ideas are mushed together in one place, forming this blob of an unsurmountable mountain that you start to fear. When in reality, all you ideas can have their own designated places to live, and thus creating the right perception of them: one at a time processing. You are going to LOVE this video.

Sharing vs Selling

Yes, we all hate selling and being sold to. It feels artificial, forced, and therefore we do not trust it. Whereas sharing feels so natural and warm, like an embrace of a best friend. So how can we sell our products and services without feeling like a sales person? How can we share while selling? It all depends on the vibrational space you are coming from. And your vibe is dependent upon your focus. If your focus is on result ( get money, sell more ), then you will more likely be perceived as salesy ( by yourself as well). But if you are focused on how much value you have to share with people, how much amazingness you are bringing to them in this product / service, you will be perceived as genuine and authentic. And you will enjoy the process as well.

In Closing…

I hope you have enjoyed this course, and it has helped you get to know yourself deeper, find and start living your life’s purpose, and navigate the subtleties of your life. I have experienced a lot of shifts in awareness as I was creating it for you as well, and you get to take my journey with you and witness my transformation. And as my journey is never complete, I will keep sharing my thoughts, insight, and breakthroughs with you. As I grow, I hope you will grow with me, and we will keep this beautiful community supporting and enriching one another for years to come.

Love, Katya <3

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