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Segment Intro

In this segment of videos we will be talking about how to overcome our internal obstacles, how to shatter the walls of our fear-prisons to move towards expressing ourselves with joy and ease. We will change our framework of thinking to the one that liberates us, that lets us live in freedom and happiness. We will wipe out our old programming and move forward feeling the lightness, clarity and the juicy flow of our true self.

Channeling Archangel Gabriel

In this video I read and expand upon a channeling I received prior to one of my Purpose Calls Live Calls. It talks all about the feelings of fear, doubt, the lack of clarity produced by constant anxiety when it comes to bringing your ideas to life. When it comes to stepping out as your true authentic self in whatever the form of expression you are longing to be at that moment. In this channeling Archangel Gabriel explains all these uncomfortable feelings, where they are coming from, what thoughts, beliefs, and actions are causing them to appear. Their message slices straight to the heart, straight to your core through all that has been clouding it, and provides a beautiful energy of comfort and unconditional love for your upcoming transformation. Enjoy <3

Cellular Memory Cleansing

This set of fears that I refer to as cellular memory we are not even conscious of, but these fears often hold us the strongest. What I am talking about, is emotional traumas from past life that came to be as a result of you being aligned, being in your full power, and getting hurt or killed because of it. These were lives when you were alchemists, oracles, the wise men, helpers, or in any other way fully connected to your true self, but were hurt, killed, burnt at the stake, alienated, as that power you possessed was too much for people around you, they refused to accept the knowledge coming through you, they feared or were jealous of you. You know the ones I am talking about. And those of you guys who have always felt like natural teachers, who have felt very intuitive, insightful, naturally connected to universal laws and truths, are very VERY likely to hold these trauma patterns. That is why you feel so. very. scared when it comes to showing this intuitive sensitive side to anybody else. With this video I tell you my story of how my cellular memories surfaced, how I had to consciously re-accept my mission here as a fully aligned being again, and how it was all cleared from my field. I also want to invite you to sit with your own feelings when it comes to connecting with your most powerful self and stepping out as that aligned powerful being. Sit with them and allow them to float up one by one, be fully present with them ( no matter how intense it might be ), and let them out of your experience for good.

Afraid To Look Like A Fool

This is such a common fear! And why? Because at one point we were all called fools for being ourselves and doing something in the moment without thinking twice. And we were hurt, as we felt judged for who we were. Or we saw someone else be called a fool, be made fun of because they were fully themselves. And we were hurt looking at them experiencing it all with them. And our mind, the machine that is designed to keep us alive and safe, has decided that we now have to censor ourselves based on this experience, so that we never have to experience this pain again. And then we collected more and more and more of these experiences, that together almost paralyzed us with the fear of judgement. But mainly what happened, was that at some point we caved in and agreed that being freely yourself and expressing yourself in a, b, or c manner makes you a fool. And that is what is being activated in us at this moment.

Exercise: Check Your Definitions

In this exercise I invite you to examine what does it mean for you to be a fool. What would you possibly have to do to be called a fool ? I want you to go deep within yourself and be very honest. What would another person need to do for you to consider them a fool? Let’s work through this concept in the worksheet and re-write our definitions.


What Others Might Think

In this video I explain why we are so very afraid of what others might thin of us and our work. And afterwards I give you a completely other way of looking at the situation. A completely other framework for perceiving your purpose, your self-expression, your creative ideas and you stepping out with them. And it is all based on how I see it work energetically and that is that ultimately any creation you are doing for yourself. This dance you engage in with your ideas and then later birth them into a physical form – you are doing it all for you, for your own benefit.

Exercise: Relax Into Love or Your Internal Cheerleader

In this exercise I offer you another way to go about changing this fear. Here I invite you to think what will people really think of you, and note how you feel when you are writing and imaging that. Then, I would like you to write down what would you like people to think of you, what impression would you like to make on others. And note your feelings as you are writing and imagining this scenario. With simply imagining yourself being loved, with creating this internal imaginary cheerleading squad, you can move mountains. It does not matter to your brain if the thing you are feeling is real or not ( source ) , and it will let go of the fear the minute it detects love ( when you start imagining your desired feedback ). And since you can not experience fear and love simultaneously, fear will naturally fall away.


What If People Abandon Me

Without further ado: some of them will. And it is a beautiful thing. Those people who will drop off your radar were around you only because you were not who you really are. And naturally, they will fall away, making room for your soul tribe. For people who see and feel life like you do. Like you REALLY do in your heart, but just did not have the courage to step out and share with others. And now that you do, you will be attracting more and more people who are a match to the real you, who are a match to your soul, who feel good, who truly support you, who feel like family. Because they are. Your soul family.

Afraid Of Negative Feedback

How many times have you expressed your truth to get wildly criticized for it? It has happened to so many of us throughout our childhoods and past lives, and now these issues, fears and blocks around feedback we carry are being activated more and more within each individual. The reason being, is that we can NOT carry those programs into 5D with us. We can NOT allow our energy to express itself through us fully, while filtering ourselves for the sake of not being judged and criticized. Full self-expression requires our filters fully off. And us embodying our purpose here requires them fully off.

So how do we untether from fear of criticism, negative feedback? In this video I give you different ways of looking at negative feedback that can free you from fear and limitation, and propel you into creation for yourself without thinking twice.

Lack Of Feedback. What If Nobody Shows Up For My Work

In this video I talk about how whether or not anybody shows up for our creations is none of our business. With this video I invite you to re-focus your energy on creation itself, on the process, on the big WHY behind it all. And I can guarantee you that WHY you want to create to begin with has noting to do with anyone else but you. Even if your idea has to do with service to others, in its core it is rising up for you because just thinking about it makes you feel alive, makes you feel thriving. Because you lose yourself in the process of creation as you fully dive into the wave of joy.

Where Will I Get The Money

So many people don’t move into bringing their ideas to life because they are stressed out about the money factor. Who will fund this project? Where will I get the money for websites, promotions, graphics. productions, resources … you name it. With this video I want to encourage you to look at your existent job as an investor. Not only can it help fund your dream projects, but it will also become that much more tolerable. If before all your thoughts could have been ” Ugh, I hate it here, but I have to keep coming here because I need the money”, now you can look at it with gratitude and think  “Not only is this job paying the bills for now, but it also helping me create my dream future”. And if you do not have a job? I invite you to get one. Any job. But better one that feels good to you out of your current options. Yes, it will not be your dream career from the start, but it will be a constant investor in your future that you have total control over.

Do I Need to Quit My Job?

This is such a common question, and my answer to you would be no. No, unless you have a ton of money saved up, OR you feel like your idea needs a 100% of your time invested in it right now. Those instances happen too. But what I want to stress here is, that only YOU will know that inside. Only your internal guidance can tell you whether that decision would be right for you or not.

The majority of people, though, find themselves in a situation where they have to have a 9-5 to be able to survive. And in a way it is a good thing, as keeping a steady income in the beginning phases of your dream coming alive will put you in a space of creating from abundance rather than from lack. You will be creating just because it feels good, allowing yourself full freedom of expression instead of being pressed on by a though that whatever this is you are making now has to be profitable for you to eat tomorrow. Let’s agree, when we create from lack, it distorts our direction, it clouds our clarity, it begins to have an unnecessary agenda. Not only that, the vibe of lack would be then imprinted into the project.

With this I invite you to keep your job until your new endevour sucks you out of it naturally.

I Don’t Have Enough Knowledge / Skills

This fear is really just an excuse to not show up and play full out. In our day and age when all the answers are literally at our fingertips, we have no excuse to not learn what we need to know to bring our ideas to life. All the information is available to us on Google, YouTube, in online courses, e-books, training, seminars, webinars. And if that is not enough, there are still books, magazines, libraries. And if that doesn’t give you enough information, there are always schools, training programs, universities. And I encourage you to invest in yourself and your learning as much you can, as it will all pay off big time. In the end, all it boils down to, is whether you can tolerate being uncomfortable as a result of learning, or feeling like you dying inside because you are not showing up for yourself.

Exercise: Identify What You Need

What exactly is stopping you? What do you think you do not know and will not be able to know ? What seems like such a high mountain for you? In this exercise we will get it all out of your head for you and on paper, making it way less scary. And then we will identify simple actionable steps you can take today to come closer to becoming the version of yourself you need to be to get fully actualized.


I Am Afraid Of My Power

This very common fear often presents itself as “I am afraid of being seen” or ” I am afraid of being exposed for who I am”. And what lies underneath it all, is the fear of us acknowledging the power that we are. We are afraid that we will be exposed to ourselves. We are afraid to see ourselves for who we truly are. As we know that if we do acknowledge that power we see before us, that it will challenge us, it will expand us, it will take us to places we might not be comfortable yet at. As we know that this bigness wants to soar through us, and we are just trying to be comfortable, to be safe. Safe from any more emotional pain. In this video I share with you my story of moving into this fear and overcoming it over and over again, and encourage you to do the same: feel the fear, but jump anyway.

Afraid Of Failure

We all are to some degree. Why? Because we are attached to outcomes, to our visions, to our beliefs. And out of those beliefs, out of our natural programing that has occurred over the years we each have our definition of failure. For you it might be not reaching 500,000 subscribers in first year, for your neighbor it might be not earning $10,000 his first year. Different people measure their success and failure in different “currency”, thus proving that the definition of failure is a malleable concept. And with this video I invite you to re-define it for yourself once again. I invite you to measure your success by how much fun you had in the process of creating, in the process of playing with your gifts and talents. Making failure the lack of fun and joy experienced throughout the process.

Exercise: Re-Program Your Mind

The only reason we are afraid of failure, is because we have been trained to label certain things as such. Based on previous collective experiences, collective beliefs, all the stuff you were born into and were forced to take on. In this exercise I invite you to spill it all out one last time, and then to re-define what failure is. Re-program your mind to have another internal dialogue, to look for other things as indicators of success.


Afraid Of Success

When we are afraid of our own success, what we really are afraid of, is our personal growth that is required of us as a result of that said success. We have these big expansive visions of our lives, we dream BIG, but we ( our minds ) have no idea how to be THAT successful. We have never been THERE before. So for our mind success is a wild and uncharted territory and it will do all to keep us safe, in the known. Thus, we sabotage our own success. With this video I want to encourage you to move into your fear once again. To stop expecting for fear to disappear before you can proceed forward in making your wildest dreams reality. The fear will always be there to some degree. There will always be more success to achieve, more of yourself to get to know, more of your energy to unfold and embody, and consequently more lessons to earn and skills to embody. But if we trust that our success will show us what is needed of us at every new level, we can relax and move into our fear. Towards our goals and dreams.

Exercise: Make It Real

In this exercise we will be drawing up this scary success on paper before us. We will pain the picture of what is that we are so afraid of. We will make it real, tangible, palpable. We will feel the excitement, the thrill, the fear. And we will make it normal to the point that we will be so accustomed to it, we will forget to be afraid.


I Am Not Great. I Am Average.

How many of you have looked at some famous people on TV, on social media, elsewhere online, and thought : “That is what you need to be like to achieve great things. These kinds of people can do it all. I can’t. I’m just an ordinary person. I don’t have any special gifts or prominent talents, I certainly don’t have their looks or charisma, let alone connections and money. I can never pull this off” ?  And promptly after that shook off any ideas you might have had off your shoulders and proceeded to have your unfulfilling life. In this video I slice through these beliefs that you have to be anything other than what you already are, as you are, in this very moment to bring your big bold ideas to life. Not only that, I prove to you that YOU are the best person to do it.

My Ideas Are Too Big

I see so much of this especially in the starseed community. As we, the starseeds, do come in with huge monumental ideas, we do come in to change the face of the earth in a very big way. And after years of conditioning, of brainwashing, of being trained out of our power and belief in our internal guidance, we really doubt ourselves. We do not believe that we can bring something big like that to life, and we abandon our divine inspiration. Instead, I invite you to shift your thinking to the following: we are always given our ideas for a reason, and if you are the one who is given a big monumental project idea, then you are the one perfect to bring it to life. Your energy is the specific energy needed make this vision a reality, that is why it as given to you to begin with. But what to do with the fear? You can start visualizing the project being born to make it more real to your mind, to bring it closer to you, to feel it unfolding and complete before you feel it out in the physical world. That way you familiarize your mind with it, you make it more “known”, more comfortable. And if fear is still there, I invite you to move into it and jump. Create the project, start the blog, share what is really on your mind. And do so for you, for your own relief and fulfillment.

Exercise: Make It Real

Similarly to the previous exercise, here I encourage you to write out your ideas, no matter how big and scary they might seem now, and read it back to yourself. Or better, record it in your voice and listen to the recording every day. Not only will you find more and more ideas layering over this initial idea, but you will feel your internal fire rise up higher and higher in response to you visualizing your ideas manifested.


Scared Of People. Social Anxiety

I get it. I have been there myself. Burning anxiety, the never-ending sea of what-ifs are paralyzing, terrorizing. Especially if you are being called to step out and share yourself with the world after you have just been through the “hermit stage” when you were diving deep within yourself without much contact with the outside world at all. But underneath it all lie the fears of judgement and abandonment. And underneath them – fear that we will judge and abandon ourselves. As only then will it feel really painful – when we stop big our best friend, when we stop trying to understand ourselves and judge ourselves for being who we are. And here I want to offer you an amazing technique that came to me in one of my meditations. I will never forget that day it was so powerful. It was November 1st and we were moving into a new house. And as we were moving, somehow it got to me that no one was paying attention to me. All of a sudden I started feeling like an outsider in my own family, and it triggered that very familiar feeling from my childhood. And this feeling grew and grew until I could take it no more. That is when I went into one of the rooms, closed myself in, plugged in my meditation music, and burst into tears. This intense feeling threw me into a memory of myself as a child sitting under a kitchen table, thinking “May be I should just die. Nobody seems to notice who I really am anyway. Nobody sees inside of me. Nobody even cares to try. But when they look at me, they see all the things they want me to be, and just demand and criticize, and demand some more. Why even be here?” And at that moment my adult self rose up. I heard myself say to myself in that childhood vision: “Screw everybody. I know it sucks that the closest to you people do not see your light and love and the purity of your good intention. I know it sucks that they do not care to look within you and see the real you. But you know what, I do. I see the light that you are, I know how much love is in your heart. And I believe that this love is the truth of you and your amazing power. And if nobody ever will see this light in you: not your husband, not your daughter, not your friends, I will always see it and be here for you. Whatever can come our way, we can get through any of it together, because I am with you. And I am never leaving again”. That was such a powerful moment for me. In that moment I remembered how it felt to be whole again. To not require anybody for your happiness and well-being. To let all attachments go and be with yourself in the unconditional love and presence. And this is the same technique I invite you to try. It is so powerful, it slices through any walls right to your heart. And the more powerful words you choose ( and only you know what words affect you ), the more honest you are in the moment, the faster and more effective will this exercise be for you. This little technique can heal so many wounds, it can also make all the fears about other people obsolete. As when you are always present with yourself in the moment, when you are your own unconditional love, you stop depending on other people’s reactions and start living from the heart.

I Don’t Have A Clear Vision / Plan

This is the fear of the unknown in action. This excuse / dynamic is clearly illustrative of the global process unfolding through us. We are moving from being a mental species into our internal guidance of the heart. Because we have been living inside our heads for so long, we have been trained and programmed to seek clarity within the mind, to seek clarity, knowing and security in logic, in physical proof. We have been operating on the software of our limited lower mind. And this software dictates: we must know details and facts before making a decision, we have to have substantial proof of something to believe it, accept it, or act on it. It also states: that which is physical is real, that which has proof and “track record” is reliable, that which we can predict with our logical patterns based on previous experience and scientific research ( more mind stuff ) is safe. But how can we apply one “formula” for success and happiness of all? Now all humanity is learning to move away from mental processing and validating of their experience, as it is being exaggerated right in our face how this way is leading us away from our internal peace and fulfillment. We now understand that we can not all fit in one formula, that each of us has his own, and that it can only be found by following one’s internal calling, one’s intuition, one’s heart. The awakening of the Divine Feminine in action. So when we are looking for the plan, when we are looking for clarity, we are simply looking for our perceived safety through our outdated programming. It is very normal. But what I am here to tell you, is that you are not likely to find this plan or clarity when it comes to your life’s purpose. What you will find though, is a series of breadcrumbs: clues that will lead you further and further until the day you die. Through this process we learn to trust our internal guidance of the heart, as well as we learn to enjoy the process – the unfolding of life, instead of rushing to some theoretical destination.

Exercise: Name The Breadcrumb

In this exercise I encourage you to define what are the steps you are being asked to take now, at this moment, and I give you a beautiful affirmation of trust in your guidance and the divine timing.


People / Circumstances Are Holding Me Back

And I come in here to tell you: nothing is ever holding you back but you yourself. And here is how it happens. We are all being born into a structure that somebody has designed before us: family, society. And as soon as we are born we are being taught this structure, the rules of the game so to speak. At first we earn our name ( we are this character now ), then we learn that we are a son / daughter. And very promptly in the very early childhood we are taught that as a son / daughter we are to: 1) respect our parents 2) never talk back 3) acknowledge that our parents know more and better as they have lived longer than us etc. Then later in life we learn that as a son / daughter we must take care of our parents, we much listen to them for wisdom and life experience, we must, we ought to, we have to…. Then we learn that we are a boy or a girl. You already feel the weight of all the social conditioning that goes with just that one short word. As a boy we must be strong, reliable, we must protect, provide, we must never show our feelings and weaknesses, we must never cry. And as a girl we must be soft, we must cook well, we must be neat, nurturing, wear decent clothes, we must sacrifice all for family and children etc. And as we grow up and get mote and more integrated in society ( go to kindergarten, school, college, work ) we pick up more and more of these ” rules” that all somehow agreed upon. And now we are just buying into them without first double-checking with our internal guidance system. Then we live by these “rules” for years and years, forgetting how we acquired these behaviors and pressures to begin with. But now the spirit comes in saying: the only giving that should be happening is the one that is a result of your own alignment. ( as a spill-over of your own cup ). Any other giving you do, you do against yourself. So the only person we ever owe something to is ourselves, our own energy. So this is how I invite you to re-frame the issue. I invite you to untether yourself from the “musts” and “owes” an d”ought tos”. I invite you to see your live as YOUR dance with YOUR energy. As you responding to your own internal pulls.

You Are Telling Yourself The Wrong Story

Do you tell yourself: “I am lazy”? Or ” I am not that smart” or ” I am not good with numbers” ? Do you feel how these statements bring your whole energy down, making you feel like you don’t even want to start anything or do anything? We all have this internal script: a story that we tell ourselves in our mind about ourselves. And if this story is putting you down, making you feel small and inadequate, it prevents us from fulfilling our life’s purpose. Not only that, with time we buy into it, and we actually start acting it out. We believe and become the lies we tell ourselves about ourselves. With this video I want to encourage you to look at all the lies yuo tell yourself about yourself, and to re-write your story: from limiting to empowering and freeing.

Exercise: Re-Write The Story

In this exercise I invite you to write down all the hurtful things you tell yourself about yourself. I am fat. I am lazy. I am incapable… in pencil. Afterwards, I want you to fill in the truth statements in pen. The ones that come from the heart, that feel good. Even if you have a hard time believing them yet. For a week I would like you to read these to yourself in the sequence as they are written down: lie-truth-lie-truth, training your mind to pull the truth right after the lie sounds in your head. And after the week, I want you to erase the lies, being left with only the empowering truth about your amazing self.


Golden Key Affirmation

This little tool is so powerful all by itself. It is an affirmation that came to me when I started writing the first book of Indigo Diaries. It is ” I am the answer to somebody’s prayers”. When I started writing and speaking out about my story, I could feel how my struggles and my breakthroughs were like a golden key I was holding in my hand that can help people who are going through similar struggles. I knew I had their relief in my hands. And you do too. the ideas you have, your story, your life lessons are a key to ending other people’s suffering. And I know you would not be here in this e-course if you did not already know this. So with this video I want to encourage you to share what is in your heart with the world with this in mind: you are the answer to somebody’s prayers. Feel how it gives you wings? No RedBull needed.

It Can Help At Least One Person

This also comes from my own personal experience and my own personal breakthroughs. One day I realized: if I went through this, there must be at least one other person in the world going through similar things. And if my breakthroughs have helped me, they must help at least one more person out there. That gave me the courage to step out and share my story, my knowledge, my intuitive insight. And, indeed, it has helped other people. Thousands of other people. And the realization that me doing something that I enjoyed in the moment helped someone else, brings me so much joy. And that is what I wish for you as well.

Wild Card. Final Fork In The Road

In this video I talk about an interesting pattern that I noticed with everyone moving into their life’s purpose. Right before they make their final decision to go with their heart, a final fork in the road appears. They get a huge promotion at work they hate. Or get another great job offer, when they really want to open their own business. And there are no wrong choices here, but this wild card is designed to get you really clear about what you want for your life. And whether you will instantly know that you do not want to work at the job you hate even for a million dollars, or it will take you a couple of months at your new job to fully realize that it is not for you, it is the result that matters.

Moving Into Fear

In conclusion to this segment I want to point out that moving into fear is a muscle. Just like your physical muscles need time and repetition of exercises to develop, your moving into fear muscle will need you to jump afraid again and again and again. And if the first time you will feel like you are dying, the next one will be easier, and the next one even easier. What I am getting at here, that if everything else fails, you can always feel the fear, but move forward anyway. and the more you do, the more you will train yourself to do so in all other areas of your life. And the more you do so, the less noticeable the fears will become, the less important the voice of fear will be. As your conscious and subconscious mind will know that moving into fear brings the biggest freedom and expansion.

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