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“This platform came to be as a result of my own journey, continuous showing up for my dreams and visions despite paralyzing fears and deeply hidden blocks. This showing up has changed my life to such degree, and continues to make it better every day, that I wanted to share all my knowledge, internal breakthroughs and aha-moments with you. With this video course and the collection of resources I have put together for you I would LOVE to help you find meaning and that heart-turning satisfaction in your life. That feeling that you get when you are living the life of fulfillment and true joy. “

Katya Turner



“I am what you would call an indigo child, a starseed in the midst of my own spiritual awakening. I am a mom to two beautiful star children Mia and Alexander and a wife to my amazing filmmaker husband Cherokee. I have just been through my own dark night of the soul, during which I found this amazing outlet of sharing my story and my insight, and that is how Indigo Diaries was born and how I started helping people in my intuitive session. I write, I share my thoughts and channeled insight in my YouTube channel, share my inspiring life on Instagram, and help people individually in my private sessions. But more about it all in my story of how I found and started living my life purpose in the video below”


Just like you, I did not always know what my purpose is. I felt like my life had no meaning, like I was dying inside, like my existence was pointless. Yet I could never let go of that feeling that I came here to do something big, something important. I could not let go of the idea that I can one day feel fulfilled, happy and free. In this video I tell you my full story of finding my purpose, from the time I was a child up until now. I share with you what I have learned about my discomfort, about my guidance system, and all that I ever needed to live the life of fearless self-expression. 


  • In the course you will find 3 sections: Find Your Purpose, Bust Through Blocks, and Share Your Love. Each of them consists of numerous videos, written stories and descriptions, as well as worksheets to help you integrate the knowledge received and work through your internal landscapes outside of your head.
  • Every sections of videos contains a section checklist to help you keep tabs on your progress. You will find the checklist in the top banner of each section. You will also find a separate section called Resources, where you will see all the guided meditations I reference, all worksheets, and other helpful links ( books, videos, articles etc.)

  • You will also find a separate bonus sections called Energy-Conscious Marketing, which is  full of videos and links to helpful material on how to get yourself and your ideas out into the world. 
  • Moreover, you will find a section called Public Library, which is a collection of videos I gathered from around the web that are helpful, inspiring, full of tools and perspectives to help you unfold into your best version of self. Public Library is available to all, members and non-members, and is continuously being updated with new exciting content.