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Welcome To Purpose Calls!

My name is Katya Turner and I created this video course to share with you all I know about how to find and live your life’s purpose.  

All the information contained on this site comes from my personal experience, as well as channeled insight from the Higher Consciousness (your Higher Selves in private sessions with me).

I myself have applied it all, lived it all, and it makes me very happy to now share all my knowledge with you, so that you can do the same. 

Love, Katya

Here You Will Find:

Over 100 original videos covering topics from how to find your life’s purpose, how to identify your passions and interests, to busting through blocks and fears that might be holding you back from living the life of fullest self-expression, to abundance, self-love, physical health and more

Guided meditations and worksheets to help you implement knowledge and insight received

Additional resources: helpful videos, articles, books, YouTube channels, online courses and more to support and add to the course content

A public library of videos with more inspiration and information – FREE FOR ALL VISITORS

A warm welcoming open-hearted community of people just like you, who are looking to find their unique purpose and ways to express themselves to the fullest, people who are already living their life purpose but are looking for more tips, tools, inspiration

And so much more…


An incredible collection of videos where I talk about the following:
  • 2017 – Year of expansion through purpose
  • Why do you feel so much discomfort?
  • Why Starseeds are feeling useless
  • Feeling like you have missed the train in life and releasing self-judgement
  • 15 practical ways how to find your life purpose
  • How picking right food can help you find your life purpose
  • Creative activities and your life force energy
  • Following what feels good all day
  • Childhood hobbies
  • Inner Child visualization
  • Identifying what do you have to share NOW
  • “Microphone to humanity” visualization
  • “If no one was watching” visualization
  • Backwards engineering your inspiration
  • Vacation from life
  • How meditation can help you find your life purpose, how to find YOUR way of doing it, my story and tips on how to start
  • “Perfect life” visualization
  • How your biggest trauma can hold the key into your life’s purpose
  • How to feel your purpose
  • Affirmations to find your life’s purpose
  • How and why to be comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Channeling of Archangel Gabriel
  • Cellular memories and fears from past lives
  • Afraid to look like a fool
  • What others might think
  • People will abandon me if I am myself
  • Afraid of negative feedback
  • Lack of feedback. What if nobody shows up for my work?
  • Where will I get the money?
  • Do I need to quit my full time job?
  • I don’t have enough knowledge / skills
  • I am afraid of my power
  • Afraid of failure
  • Afraid of success
  • I am not great. I am average
  • My ideas are too big
  • Scared of people. Social Anxiety
  • I don’t have a clear vision / plan
  • People / circumstances are holding me back
  • Internal story: I am too lazy, I am a slow learner
  • Golden Key Affirmation
  • Helping that one person
  • Wild Card Choice
  • How and why to move into fear
  • Why and how to do it for YOU
  • What if I don’t move this energy through me?
  • How and why not to look for support outside of yourself and how to cultivate your inner cheerleader
  • How to pick a vessel
  • Ascension symptoms. How to show up while tired and in pain?
  • Dark night of the soul. How to show up depressed?
  • Being re-directed
  • Stepping away from your purpose when needed and how to benefit from it while having fun
  • What to do with burnout?
  • How to serve yourself first
  • Resistance to learning
  • Learning to fail
  • What to do when nothing is happening?
  • Money. Aligning with charging money for what you do
  • When to start charging?
  • How much to charge?
  • Transcending Competition
  • How self-love and purpose are interconnected
  • How abundance and blocks to receiving are connected to your purpose
  • Physical health & you purpose
  • Food & you purpose
  • How to turn your passion into a New Earth Business
  • Energy vs strategy
  • Expansion, new habits, growth
  • How to stay inspired and motivated
  • “The Grand Shift” Meditation




WOW! Life-Changing!

“What an amazing inspiring collection of resources! It brought me so much clarity of what my purpose is, I can not wait to jump in! And so many practical tools and resources, with all the beautiful supportive people Katya gathered around her! Worth every penny!”


  • My story of finding my life purpose and hardships and wins of navigating it so far

  • POWERFUL Guided meditations that my Higher Self showed me as visions that changed my life

  • Links to helpful resources ( videos, articles, books, e-courses, YouTube channels, online platforms)

  • Public video library FREE FOR ALL VISITORS: collection of videos from the web that I find helpful, educational and inspiring

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  • How to get yourself out there while sharing your love from the heart

  • Content creation

  • Target audience: how to create true lasting soul connection with your tribe

  • Where to share my message

  • Marketing vision

  • Marketing plan

  • When you have too many ideas

  • Website and social media presence

  • How to create a website: step by step

  • What is branding and how to brand yourself so that your customers vibe with your product from the bottom of their hearts

  • How to promote yourself with virtually no money

  • Mastering SEO

  • Sincere sharing and bringing value

  • How to create in constant change

  • Sharing vs selling


Meet like-minded entrepreneurs, make friends, meet your soul family and fun tribe, exchange ideas, stories, practical tips, share resources, brag with your progress, collaborate with others…



Ready to find and live my life purpose, to embody my highest of self, to express myself freely and find true joy in my life!